During the last 3 years, perfecscents is on track to become the largest fragrance retailer in the UK



Our design philosophy aims to use the best examples in the world of fashion and to collaborate with as many manufacturers as possible. That is highlighting specific aspect of a culture or country in which a material or technique derives from. The global marketplace is our source for inspiration, and we’re striving to protect and employ traditional fragrance with modern, created with luxury.


We’ve got a thing called the 7-Day Trial. We created our Smell Good/Feel Good policy so that if you’re not fully sure about any purchase you’ve made with us, you can easily return it. All you need is to provide us with a proof of purchase and original packaging. Returns made within 7 days of purchase qualify for an exchange.


In case you’re experiencing some kinds of technical issues when submitting your order please don’t worry. Our website is completely secure so any details you’re worried about will be protected. In the meantime, you can contact our customer services who will be more than happy to complete your order for you. Just contact us at: [email protected]